MIT 7213 Multimedia and Information Technology

Assalamualaikum and Grettings, Welcome to my Blog

Below is my personnal information:


Name : Norazim Yadiy Bin Mohd Yusof

Student ID : 1132300020

Course : Master in E- Learning (Multimedia)

Contact Information : (E) :

             (HP): 017-3005437

            (HP): 017-3037246

Hobbies : Hiking, Golf , Bowling, Futsal, Soccer, Swimming, Photography.

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

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If you want to see more feel free to visit my gallery @

“What i expect from MIT 7213 Multimedia and Information Technology Subject.”

  • To fully understand what is Multimedia and what is Information Techonology.
  • To master the basics of Adobe Illustrations, Adobe Flash and Adobe AfterFx.
  • To get an A+ for this subject Insyaallah.



28/10/2015 Week 1

  • Brief introduction of lecturer and students ( getting to know each other session)
  • Students are given the course outline for this subject.
  • Madam Juhanita gave a briefing about the assignments and what the students must do in the final assigment.
  • Madam Juhanita gave the students a task to create a personal blog.

4/11/2015 Week 2

  • Students presented their respective blogs to Madam Juhanita and their fellow colleagues.
  • Madam Juhanita gave a lecture on Digital Technology

Topics were covered today includes:

  • Introduction to digital technology,
  • Analogue Technology & Digital Technology
  • Evolution of Personal Computers
  • Features of Multimedia Communications.

And we end the day with Madam Juhanita showed a few tricks on Photoshop CC

18/11/2015 Week 3

  • Today Madam gave a lecture on the history of Multimedia & IT

Topics were covered today includes:

  • Typograhy
  • Digital Technology
  • Internet
  • Digital Magazine

We end the day by madam showing another tutorial on Illustrator we were later given the brief for assignment 2.

2/12/2015 Week 4

  • Today Madam gave a briefing on our final assignment which will be presented on the 6/1/2015 and submitted on the 16/1/2015.
  • There are two groups for the assignment one group has 4 student’s respectively.




Assignment 1 Findings

1.Serious games for smarter skills: The future of learning from:http: //

2.Games as an Engaging Teaching and Learning Technique: Learning or playing? Deborah Kirkland Griffith College Dublin from:

3.Teaching with Games from :

4.The Art and Science of Teaching Using Games to Enhance Students Achievement February 2010 by Robert J.Marzano from :

5.Teaching Toolkit : An Introduction to Games Learning October 2011 by Susan Boyle

6.Games As Educational Tools: Teaching Skills, Transforming Thoughts June 2013 by Diane Stirling from:

7.Games-Based Learning: What it is, Why it Works, and Where it’s Going by William Butler Yeats from :–what-it-is-why-it-works-and-where-its-going.html

8.What Game-Based Learning Can Do for Students Achievement May 2014 by Justin Eames from :

9.Game Based Learning: Latest Evidence and future directions April 2013 by Carlo Perrotta, Gill Featherstone, Helen Aston, Emily Houghthon.

10.Game Based Learning February 2005 by Kurt Squire.

11.Understanding Educational Software in the Classroom  February 2012 by Wahm Brenda.

12.Advantages and Disadvantages Of Gaming from :

Assignment 2


Attached above is the logo i have created for assignment 2 using adobe illustrator Cs 5.

The link below is the instruction on how i created the logo:

Norazim Yadiy Logo

Final Assignment


the above is link is our groups Master Of Knowledge Manage MMU promotional Video,

My team consists of 4 people

  1. Syafiq
  2. Azura
  3. Maha
  4. Azim

Everybody was given  a task to contribute to the production of the video, my task was mainly to start the production by recording every video for the video. Every video you will see in the promotional video is recorded by me like the entrance to fcm, entrance to class room, class room session, Prof Woods interview and Mohd Faizal interview. I also assisted my colleague Azura in any issues she needs help with.



Class Exercise’s

1.Exercise 1

photo_editing_1132300020_Norazim Yadiy

2.Exercise 2

masking exercise



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